Intelligent Data Centres Issue 01 | Page 10

NEWS DigiPlex opens new colo hall in its Stockholm data centre igiPlex, a Nordic leader for innovative, sustainable and secure data centres, has opened a new server hall in its Stockholm data centre to meet increasing customer demand. D The new hall is tailored for customers with one or more server racks, who want their IT environment housed in one of Sweden’s most secure and environmentally efficient data centres. DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff, said: “The companies turning to DigiPlex want the Nordic region’s most sustainable, energy efficient and secure colocation. At our data centre outside Stockholm, we now offer a dedicated server hall with the same high quality for customers with smaller storage needs. “Data centres are at the core of all digitalisation and companies that place their servers with us can assure their customers and users that their data centre solution is future proof.” DataCom is one of several companies that have chosen the new DigiPlex colo hall. “DataCom is in an expansive growth phase due to a large influx of new customers into our hosting business. To meet the growing demand from our customers for communication and hosting services, it was therefore natural to choose DigiPlex as our partner to complement our own data centres,” says Mario Hellqvist, CEO DataCom AB. Innovium selects Synopsys’ IC Validator for physical signoff ynopsys has announced that Innovium, Inc, a leading provider of networking solutions for data centres, has adopted the Synopsys IC Validator tool for physical signoff. S Innovium deployed IC Validator on its flagship 12.8 terabit-per-second (Tbps) throughput TERALYNX switch. To meet its aggressive time-to- market schedule, Innovium used IC Validator across more than 250 CPU cores to take advantage of IC Validator’s performance scaling. IC Validator completed full-chip design rule checking (DRC) and layout-versus-schematic (LVS) signoff on TSMC’s 16-nanometer (nm) FinFET process within one day. “Physical verification is on the critical path to our tapeout. Early physical 10 Issue 01 verification closure is essential to ensure that design schedules are met,” said Keith Ring, Vice President of Technology at Innovium. “IC Validator performance enabled us to complete full-chip DRC and LVS signoff within a day for our flagship network switch design.” IC Validator, a key component of Synopsys’ Fusion Design Platform, is a comprehensive and highly scalable physical verification tool suite including DRC, LVS, programmable electrical rule checks (PERC), dummy metal fill and design-for-manufacturabilty (DFM) enhancement capabilities. IC Validator is architected for high performance and scalability that maximises utilisation of mainstream hardware, using smart memory-aware load scheduling and balancing technologies.