Intelligent Data Centres Issue 01 | Page 21

INFOGRAPHIC Thales research reveals Digital Transformation puts sensitive data at risk The research reveals enterprises are struggling with cloud complexity as the demand for digitally transformative technologies outpaces security needs. hales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, has announced that the rush to Digital Transformation is putting sensitive data at risk for organisations worldwide. That is according to the company’s 2019 Thales Data Threat Report – Global Edition with research and analysis from IDC. As organisations embrace new technologies, such as multi-cloud deployments, they are struggling to implement proper data security. T Sensitive data is everywhere A total of 97% of the survey respondents reported their organisation was already underway with some level of Digital Transformation and, with that, confirmed they are using and exposing sensitive data within these environments. Aggressive digital transformers are most at risk for data breaches but alarmingly the study found that less than a third of respondents (only 30%) are using encryption within these environments. The study also found a few key areas where encryption adoption and usage are above average: IoT (42%), containers (47%) and Big Data (45%). Frank Dickson, Research Vice President for security products research at IDC said: “Our research shows that no organisation is immune from data security threats and, in fact, we found that the most sophisticated organisations are more likely to indicate that they have experienced a data security breach. “This trend is consistent no matter how we define the sophistication of the audience: those who are spending more on IT security, those for whom data security is a larger portion of their security budget or those who are further along in their Digital Transformation journey.” ◊ Issue 01 21