Intelligent Data Centres Issue 23 | Page 37

FEATURE flexibility to really deploy your on-site resources more effectively .
How are automation tools being used and how much of a role will they have going forward in data centre environments ?
This plays off the whole remote work development as we have fewer and fewer people that may be on site at the data centre . Whether that ’ s caused by a pandemic or is just an organisation ' s goal to reduce the number of staff and to keep these environments a little bit leaner , automation is a critical part of this because it allows them to not only deploy new assets and new equipment , but also allows them to decommission a lot faster as well .
So , for instance , you can roll an entire cabinet into a data centre and know exactly what ' s in that cabinet that ’ s loaded into the system . And then you can have the confidence of being able to plug it right into the production network knowing that you ' ve automated all the initial steps to ensure you understand what ' s in the cabinet , everything is tested and everything is good to go for your business needs .
So , it ’ s a huge benefit . We continue to see lots of different interesting automation techniques being used , whether it ' s from deploying thousands of power distribution units at one clip or updating power distribution units with a firmware update for security purposes .
There are lots of different ways to do it . We hang our hat on the fact that we ' re the most flexible and we have the greatest number of tools and ways to tackle that challenge . We always like to help our end-users whenever they have questions about it – whether it ' s a question about how to integrate it with some sort of other systems that they might already be using for automation .
There are lots of different ways to skin a cat . We ' re always looking to help end- www . intelligentdatacentres . com