Intelligent Data Centres Issue 32 | Page 23

• Use of the latest web technologies – including gaming interfaces , to provide data centre teams with the most intuitive , easy-to-use and simplest to manage monitoring and management capabilities . By creating immersive Digital Twin representations of your data centre , operations teams get to see all their current cooling , power and thermal conditions via a single , accessible 3D visualisation .
• Lightweight and easy-to-manage M & E capacity management – meaning that you don ’ t need an army of people or huge costs to deliver an effective centralised capacity management process .
• Having 24x7x365 access to your own virtual PhD expert who ’ s always busy continually optimising your facility and always on hand to help in-house data centre teams to deliver the next best optimisation outcome .
• Unique Cooling Zones functionality that tracks real-time correlation between cooling units and IT racks to support optimisation and resiliency activities .
To date , most of the traditional solutions classed as DCIM have only really offered very basic M & E monitoring capabilities rather than the truly integrated infrastructure management offering , initially promised by vendors . However , DCIM doesn ’ t need to be that way in 2021 . It ’ s now possible to deploy software-based optimisation solutions that not only pick up on potential data centre problems or underlying negative trends , but also suggest recommended actions to resolve thermal issues , simplify capacity management and optimise cooling energy .
It ’ s DCIM that works , without all the hassle and at a fraction of the cost of traditional DCIM systems . ◊
Our research showed that only 5 % of data centre M & E teams currently monitor and report equipment temperature actively on an individual rack-by-rack basis . www . intelligentdatacentres . com