Intelligent Data Centres Issue 32 | Page 41

EXPERT OPINION engineer , they can then begin to map those skills to other industry professionals and make insightful correlations . For example , problem identification and being a solutions-oriented strategic thinker are key skillsets required for data centre engineers . However , these skillsets are not uniquely required in the data centre industry and can be found in engineering professionals across a diverse range of alternative sectors including petrochemical , nuclear , aviation and the military , for example .
Taking this one step further , data centre industry professionals need to pull back the curtain and become better at promoting real world examples of the work that really goes on in the sector . There tends to be a lot of ambiguity around what an actual day in the life looks like for a data centre professional , which skills are in demand , what customer relationships entail and what challenges may arise . By sharing more stories from the industry , people ’ s perception and understanding of the sector will change . This insight should in turn trigger a far higher interest in our sector and with the numerous exciting and rewarding career opportunities it offers , companies therefore will be able to increase their talent pool significantly .
Putting your people first
It ’ s plain and simple ; investing in your talent and giving them the tools they need to succeed is a great way of showing a company ’ s commitment to their well-being , as both an employee and human being .
From the employee ’ s perspective , the way in which they work has already been flipped on its head and revolutionised by emerging technologies , like cloud and Artificial Intelligence . While human operatives in data centres will likely never be replaced entirely by these kinds of innovative technologies , we do need to adapt quickly and get smart on how to use these technologies to optimise productivity .
To make this happen and to compete in today ’ s workforce , organisations need to take ownership and make sure that they are equipping their employees for success in their roles with the best tools , education and opportunities . Empowering your workforce and making sure they understand their value to the bigger business picture is imperative . Employees will always be an organisation ’ s greatest asset and investing in your existing talent should always be a priority . www . intelligentdatacentres . com