Intelligent Data Centres Issue 32 | Page 47

Muayad Fahmawi , IT Supervisor , Bunduq


Bunduq is leveraging StorageCraft ’ s OneXafe platform to scale-out immutable storage architecture technology to improve scalability , simplify its backup and replication process and make substantial cuts to the company ’ s storage footprint . Muayad Fahmawi , Bunduq ’ s IT Supervisor – who heads up the company ’ s IT team – discusses the need for a solution that was compatible with its hyperconverged setup , but one that was also able to manage the sheer volume of data the company was generating and needed to be backed up . unduq Company Limited

B was leveraging a scaleup storage architecture from its previous vendors to facilitate data backup processes , but soon found the technology severely lacking : its scalability was limited , its maintenance was complex and inefficient and the overall system was not cost-effective .

By opting for OneXafe from StorageCraft , an Arcserve company , Bunduq was able to leverage the platform ’ s scale-out immutable storage architecture technology to improve scalability and simplify its backup and replication process , as well as make substantial cuts to its storage footprint . Over the last two years of operations , OneXafe ’ s Return on Investment
( RoI ) and its overall performance has exceeded Bunduq ’ s expectations .
The El Bunduq offshore oil field is unlike most of its counterparts : located some 200km north-west of Abu Dhabi and some 100km east of Doha , it straddles the boundary between the UAE and Qatar . It is often cited as an example of diplomatic cooperation between the two Gulf states . Bunduq Company Limited has been in charge of operating the El Bunduq oil field for more than four decades now and has banked high praise for its capable , expert management of the oil field .
Bunduq Company Limited was set up in 1970 with the purpose of developing the El Bunduq oil field into a crucial asset for www . intelligentdatacentres . com