Intelligent Data Centres Issue 32 | Page 53

intelligent OPERATIONS

Vertiv introduces new power distribution systems for data centre ops

Vertiv , a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions , has introduced two new power distribution systems to simplify data centre management and scalability . The Liebert RXA Remote Power Panel ( RPP ) is a flexible and safe solution for high-density power applications in one of the industry ’ s smallest footprints , while the Liebert MBX busway system allows reliable overhead power distribution in data centres of any size , leaving floor space available for equipment . Both products are now available across Europe , the Middle East and Africa ( EMEA ).

Many data centres traditionally use purpose-built electrical power distribution systems to feed energy into the server racks . However , custom solutions require longer lead times and are not pre-certified by Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEMs ), which could create complications when servicing .
A proven alternative to custom-made systems , in particular for high-density applications , is a standardised RPP , such as the new space-saving Liebert RXA , which can be flexibly placed in data centres , server rooms or network closets . Prebuilt and configured , certified and tested , the Liebert RXA provides out-of-the-box electrical distribution once connected to branch circuits , simplifying facility startup , expansion and overall management of larger data centre networks . The solution offers flexible features and multiple configuration options to accommodate different site needs and future growth , while optimising floor space . In addition , this new generation of standardised RPPs provides embedded intelligent monitoring capabilities , and through Vertiv Liebert DPM intelligent power monitoring and system control can respond faster to any load imbalances , increasing the availability of critical systems and preventing issues that could harm valuable server equipment and cause unplanned outages . Thanks to its innovative design , the Liebert RXA offers one of the industry ’ s smallest footprints , while finger-safe features provide heightened safety for operators .
When floor space is simply not an option , the Liebert MBX busway represents a versatile over-rack solution to provide reliable and scalable power distribution in any sized data centre , with the inherent benefit of also maximising cooling airflow . This premium modular busbar system offers a variety of capacity and connection options that support enhancements and adaptation with minimal outside support needed , allowing businesses to cost-effectively optimise and adapt power distribution infrastructure over time .
The hot-swappable tap-off boxes and adaptive busbar maximise flexibility and availability with continuous power delivery to critical loads even during upgrades and layout changes . The light and robust aluminium busway track chassis is IP2X certified and IEC 61439-2 compliant , with integrated finger-safe capabilities and ground-first / break-last design to ensure maximum safety while servicing . ◊ www . intelligentdatacentres . com