Intelligent Data Centres Issue 33 | Page 36

Over the past two years , Macquarie Data Centres has opened two data centres , Intellicentre 3 ( IC3 ) in Sydney and Intellicentre 5 ( IC5 ) in Canberra , providing multinationals , corporate Australia and government organisations with highly secure and purpose-designed facilities to house their data .
We have also recently announced the development of Intellicentre 3 Super West which is being designed to meet the needs of both public and private sector customers , bringing the total IT load of our Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus in the Sydney north zone to 50MW .
The successful completion of these projects and our on-track roadmap are a testament to our ability to pool diverse skills and bring facilities to fruition that meet the expectations of Australia ’ s burgeoning digital economy .
The process of designing and developing a data centre is no simple task , but here are a few considerations the industry must keep in mind .
Understanding customer needs
Data centres are built to serve the evolving requirements of our customers , which is why it is crucial for us to understand and integrate their requirements into the design phase . Not only should performance , sustainability and engineering requirements be considered , but an evolving understanding of the ways in which customers will use technology in the future helps to inform designs , densities and the way our facilities will support their ongoing needs .
For instance , specific environments are built for the needs of wholesale customers while others are designed with hyperscale customers in mind . Some of the key concerns of hyperscale customers are that environments will offer resilience , stability and , crucially , scalability – allowing them to scale-out over time to service their customer base without having to invest in new locations .
Adaptability in the design phase has allowed us to adopt different methods
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