Intelligent Data Centres Issue 33 | Page 47

Sanjay Kumar Sainani , Global SVP Business Development & Global CTO Digital Power Business , Huawei Technologies


What are the biggest current challenges for data centre or infrastructure managers in the Middle East and how are you addressing these ?
Achieving successful Digital Transformation is a complex task and data centre managers must implement innovative strategies which ensure availability , scalability and more importantly , sustainability . Sanjay Kumar Sainani , Global SVP of Business Development & Global CTO for the Digital Power Business at Huawei
Technologies , discusses the tech giant ’ s strategy for successful data centre innovation and tells us how Huawei plays an integral role in supporting the
Digital Transformation journey of Middle East organisations .
The challenges are pretty much the same globally . The Middle East is unique in terms of the weather conditions , cost and availability of energy . The main challenges of the data centre facility business are speed to market as the rapid pace of Digital Transformation fuelled by technology such as 5G , cloud and Big Data is driving up demand of data centres around the world , including the Middle East .
Data sovereignty and performance are also causing a scramble – especially within financial institutions and governments – to build or lease more data centre space .
Globally , around 12 GW of data centres are expected to come online within the next 60 months . That ’ s a 100 % increase over the current data centre footprint .
Density per cabinet is also on the rise . With new workloads , better processing capabilities in terms of CPU and GPU , the demand of power per cabinet is increasing . With data centre sizes becoming very large , we are now dealing in dozens of MW of data centres and a few hundred MW per campus . This is making data centres a significant consumer of energy within the country and is drawing attention to its carbon footprint . With most of the countries globally – including in the Middle East www . intelligentdatacentres . com