Intelligent Data Centres Issue 33 | Page 51

Nokia deploys IP / optical solution to connect NorthC data centres via high-speed Region Connect Ring

Nokia and Infradata have announced an integrated IP / optical data centre interconnect solution for NorthC Datacentres ( NorthC ), the largest regional data centre provider in the Netherlands . The solution creates a single virtual data centre that connects 10 NorthC data centres . The high-speed Region Connect Ring enables NorthC to offer its customers fast , scalable and reliable data centre interconnection and cloud connectivity .

Nokia ’ s integrated IP / optical solution combines high performance 7750 service routers with high capacity 1830 photonic service switches and network automation . The solution enables NorthC to improve its customers ’ data centre connectivity speed and reliability by offering Layer 2 IP / MPLS interconnection services between its data centres to
meet their bandwidth , latency and performance needs .
Mario Hangjas , Senior Director Information Technology , NorthC , said : “ Nokia and its partner Infradata have enabled us to implement the best solution for our Region Connect Ring . The Digital Transformation of the Netherlands economy and the growing role of regions within it means there is a growing demand for local data centres and for high speed , reliable connectivity between regions . The Region Connect Ring allows customers to directly access network and cloud services that are not available in their own region .”
Already deployed is the Nokia Network Services Platform ( NSP ), a softwaredefined network automation solution that allows full management of NorthC ’ s
customer connections and data centre interconnection . As a result , NorthC can improve response times and reduce service delivery times to hours rather than days so that customers can always operate at full speed , growing and scaling up connectivity as needed .
Mark Vanderhaegen , Director of Webscale Accounts , Nokia , said : “ Data centre providers increasingly need the highest capacity and reliability combined with the lowest latency for their interconnect networks to provide the most responsive cloud services for their customers . Nokia ’ s IP / optical data centre interconnection and automation capabilities , together with Infradata ’ s support services , will enable NorthC to quickly deliver the cloud connectivity its customers need to enable the Digital Transformation of their businesses .” ◊
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