Intelligent Data Centres Issue 35 | Page 22

development can grow sustainably without consuming too many resources , in particular ; power .
This presents the unique challenge of accommodating more and more demand for data centres while ensuring there is adequate capacity in an electricity grid that has not been built to sustain such a high demand in a sustainable way . This is an issue across all the leading hubs and is being monitored by the Irish , a big location for hyperscale operators , data centre operators and energy companies as this could provide the blueprint for development across Europe and the UK .
As the demand for data centres increases , a concern among data centre developers , designers , providers and users is the availability of skilled staff , in particular in the fields of design and build . Not only will demand for staff increase as demand for new data centre stock increases , there is a universal expectation that next year will see a fall in the supply of staff .
It is true to say that existing staff appear to have taken up some of the challenge ,
James Hart , CEO at BCS ( Business Critical Solutions )
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