Intelligent Data Centres Issue 35 | Page 37

FEATURE engaged with Jóhann Þór Jónsson , atNorth ’ s Director Project Management and Business Development .
Rather than offer a simple proposal containing a product specification and cost , the company ’ s engineers provided consultative expertise from a remote location in the US , offering valuable insight that would help to future-proof the data centre and meet growing customer demand .
Once a relationship was established , Subzero specified its Essential Plus + product line , offering a vendor-neutral , quick-to-deploy and flexible containment system . Available globally , the Essential Plus + products would provide atNorth with a standardised containment architecture , which would accommodate any customer ’ s HPC rack , server , or storage requirement .
“ Subzero ’ s response time was exceptional ,” said Jóhann Þór Jónsson ,
Director Project Management and Business Development , atNorth .
“ It not only specified a cold aisle containment architecture complete with www . intelligentdatacentres . com