Intelligent Data Centres Issue 40 | Page 23

INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE POWERED BY THE DCA there is complete oversight on where their componentry is sourced . Every individual product that makes up a Thorn or Zumtobel luminaire is therefore carefully selected , tested and secured through the use of intelligent software and hardware protocols . When the manufacturer controls its own supply chain , there is complete end-to-end traceability and accountability , mitigating potential external threats .
As part of the product selection , thorough testing of both hardware and software used in any connected lighting and controls system is highly advisable .
Future-proofing for tomorrow
There is also another advantage of working with fewer trusted supply chain partners .
Not only does consolidating manufacturers into as few as possible make it easier to combat security vulnerabilities , it can also allow for future add-on services to be integrated at a later stage .
For example , it might be a lighting trunking system when installed , but it can
Steve Mansell , Divisional Director Critical Facilities , Zumtobel Group
also be a flexible infrastructure for future digital services .
A lighting track system such as TECTON or TECTON IP from Zumtobel can provide a backbone for adding future monitoring services that can grow with the data centre ’ s needs . It is simply a case of integrating sensors to accurately record the data a facility is interested in monitoring , for example , heat , to ensure the optimum operating temperature within the facility . Instead of having to purchase / install a whole new system for thermal management within a facility , operators and their technical teams can liaise with Zumtobel to plan the required system upgrade , then the additional products / sensors can be fitted directly to the TECTON track without the need to power the system down .
Alternatively , if a new sensor is required to measure other variables such as air quality , occupancy and motion , it is easy to remove the original sensor and add on the new one without reconfiguring the entire infrastructure . This naturally saves a significant amount of money in the long term , making it a fully flexible and futureproof solution .
In summary
New connected lighting and control systems offer exciting improvements in energy and operational efficiencies , but care must be taken to ensure they are secure and not a chink in your data security armour .
We believe that it is crucial to focus on security from the very beginning of your product specification and selection process .
Data centre operators and their design teams should focus on working with supply chain partners who understand system security and who offer safe , strong and secure links to enable campus-wide integration .
Mitigate risks by choosing a single source manufacturing partner – like Zumtobel ; who are able to offer full traceability and accountability of your lighting ecosystem and offer long-term support through a range of services when required . �
We ’ d recommend always working with a single-source supplier who can prove where their components have been sourced and which offers full transparency of its supply chain partners . www . intelligentdatacentres . com