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NAKIVO hits another milestone with IT monitoring for VMware vSphere

Data backup expert , NAKIVO , has shared insights on the 3 Pillars of Data Loss Prevention for VMware vSphere . The guidance is aimed at helping the 75 % of some 40 million organisations that run vSphere boost their data resilience and protect against cyberattacks .
AKIVO achieved yet another milestone in the

N company ’ s evolution with the new solution for monitoring VMware vSphere environments . IT monitoring is an essential tool for virtual environments , giving organisations complete visibility into their infrastructure health and performance . The company also continues to improve backup protection against ransomware threats in NAKIVO Backup & Replication with the latest 10.5 release .

IT monitoring for VMware vSphere
Monitoring the resource usage of VMware infrastructure is essential for identifying performance issues , avoiding bottlenecks and improving VM efficiency . Building on the company ’ s reliable data protection platform and years of expertise with VMware vSphere infrastructures , NAKIVO delivers a new highly efficient solution – IT Monitoring for VMware vSphere .
IT administrators can now monitor the memory , CPU and disk usage of their VMware vSphere infrastructure from the NAKIVO Backup & Replication unified web interface . The new addition is useful both for real-time diagnostics and strategic planning . In addition to detecting ongoing issues , IT administrators can project future changes in resource consumption to avoid bottlenecks , all from the same interface they use to manage their backups .
“ VM performance monitoring can be a powerful tool in terms of ensuring infrastructure efficiency and agility ,” said Bruce Talley , CEO of NAKIVO . “ NAKIVO ’ s unique position in the backup and recovery
industry also offers us insights into how monitoring can help prevent data loss in virtual environments .”
Hardened Virtual Appliance
Businesses are under a growing threat from cybercrime , where data is not the only target anymore , but backups as well . With NAKIVO Backup & Replication , customers can create immutable backups in Amazon S3 buckets or a local Linux-based repository .
Version 10.5 brings Hardened Virtual Appliance as NAKIVO continues to help customers improve resilience in the face of ransomware . The new feature offers a simple way to deploy the solution and protect backup data from ransomware at the same time . By deploying the solution as a hardened virtual appliance running Ubuntu Server , customers can use the local repository deployed with the VA to create immutable backups . This immutability cannot be lifted by users – not even the superuser – so the backups stay protected from modification , deletion or encryption by ransomware for the entire specified period .
“ Protecting the data that customers entrust to NAKIVO Backup & Replication is paramount ,” said Bruce Talley , CEO of NAKIVO . “ We want every company to operate safely without having to look over their shoulders at every turn or worry about their data being encrypted by ransomware .” �
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