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stc develops 16 data centres ; Bahrain ’ s is the largest

With the Middle East region seeing a paradigm shift in development and improvement of digital infrastructure , stc has played a pivotal role in accelerating the stages of this Digital Transformation and adopting emerging technologies that have promoted growth and maturity of digital-enabling cloud services across the region . stc ’ s overall strategy has underlined the need to boost its position as a leading digital cloud enabler in the region by launching a global data centre project . Through this project , the group aims to improve and provide a world-class management of its cloud infrastructure and technical , security and communication services .

Recently , stc announced creation of data centres at several Gulf markets . stc Bahrain signed an agreement with the Bahraini Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications to establish the largest data centre spanning 55,000 m 2 as one of the early energy-efficient initiatives . This step can encourage local creators to take a step forward towards the use of renewable energy and push for new horizons for Digital Transformation . It also helps leverage and diversify the local economy , which is in line with Bahrain ’ s Economic Vision 2030 .
Another initiative announced by stc is MENA Hub ; a major digital hub for the Middle East and North Africa ( MENA ) region . With an investment of US $ 1 billion , the hub will be created in cooperation with regional and international partners , highlighting the Saudi leadership in the ICT sector and the great potential of stc as the biggest telecommunications company in the Middle East and promoting economy and GDP growth in the Kingdom . Connecting three continents , the hub is utilising the Kingdom ’ s strategic location to scale up investments in international communication services and data centres . Investing in a fibre optic grid , the project entails installation of highly efficient cables to meet the future cloud needs and ensure uninterrupted service .
Building the largest data centre project in the Middle East , stc aims to enable Digital Transformation in the government and private sectors through digital economy , Artificial Intelligence , the Internet of Things , computing and automation according to KSA Vision 2030 . The project consists of 16 data centres with 17,000 storing units serving eight parallel sites spread over six cities with
a maximum capacity of 125 MW . It seeks to double the current digital capacity to more than 300 MW in a quick response to demand in the local market . The project consists of three phases : three data centres in Riyadh , Jeddah and Medina in first phase , four in the second and the rest in the third phase to make up a total of 16 centres .
The group has announced an agreement with Alibaba Cloud to invest US $ 500 million in cloud services . stc has recently received a cloud service provider certificate to be the first globally accredited Saudi company in this field . The group ’ s Digital Operations Control Center in Riyadh is the largest integrated operation centre in the region . Connected to more than four marine cables , the centre operates the largest international portals , with a capacity of more than 8.4 tbps . It contains the latest protection and distribution systems in the world used for the first time in the region to protect company service system in general and the service and solution system for transfer of data and audio services for all customers . The centre also includes the largest cybersecurity operations centre in the region . �
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