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Arelion expands connectivity in Atlanta metro network

relion has announced the expansion of its Atlanta metro

A network and new connectivity to the surrounding areas in Douglas County with the addition of a Point of Presence ( PoP ) in Switch ATLANTA , Switch ’ s data centre facility located at its Keep Campus in Lithia Springs , Georgia . Switch is an independent leader in exascale data centre ecosystems , Edge data centre designs , industry leading telecommunications solutions and next-generation technology innovation . This expansion enables access to Arelion ’ s number one Internet Backbone , AS1299 , providing users and businesses with diverse , direct , highspeed connectivity options at the network edge . The most recent expansion reduces the need for routing through downtown Atlanta , offering enhanced speed and diversity connecting suburban scale campuses to support ongoing growth .

Arelion has invested in these new Atlanta metro networks to meet the accelerating demand for high-capacity bandwidth in the region . With this increased demand , Switch campuses offer Arelion ’ s highspeed , secure Internet backbone to meet the growing connectivity needs of their end-users . Wholesale customers now have access to scalable , interconnected hubs with sustainable connectivity .
“ The expansion is in response to the need and demand for high-capacity bandwidth in the region ,” said Art Kazmierczak , Director of Business and Network Development , Arelion . “ Our continued investment helps further establish the Atlanta metro area as one of the top connectivity hubs in the country . Specifically , the hyperscale campus expansions in Douglas County and Lithia Springs help relieve some of the strain on the legacy carrier hotels in the area without compromising performance speed , connectivity diversity or bandwidth capabilities .”

ST Engineering launches breakthrough cooling solution to enable greener data centres

T Engineering has announced the launch of its new Airbitat


DC Cooling System , marking its entry into the data centre cooling market . An innovation by its Urban Environment Solutions ( UES ) business , the Airbitat DC Cooling System delivers powerful pre-cooling for tropical data centres , achieving annual net energy savings of more than 20 % over conventional chiller systems alone . This translates to annual energy savings of about US $ 104 per KW of heat load .
Combined with existing chiller systems , the Airbitat DC Cooling System enables data centres to reach a targeted Power Usage Effectiveness ( PUE ) of below 1.3 , which is supported by UES ’ live system data and backed by eight years of engineering , R & D and its patented evaporative cooling technology . This performance represents a significant improvement over current regulatory requirements for data centres in Singapore and positions it to meet more stringent standards for future data centre builds .
“ Through re-engineering our established Airbitat solution for the data centre environment , we have successfully developed a sustainable solution that significantly cuts energy consumption while reducing carbon intensity and
Urban Heat Island Effect ,” said Gareth Tang , Head of Urban Environment Solutions at ST Engineering . “ Its ability to be readily deployed in existing data centres presents an attractive option for operators who are looking for cost-effective solutions to lower energy consumption and achieve their sustainability targets .” �
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