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maintenance schedules and software and firmware updates , or early warning of possible malfunctions .
One more question
I want to add one final question that might not be so obvious : Are you prepared for the looming energy consumption dilemma at the edge of your network ?
It ’ s easy to overlook the impending energy consumption dilemma if Edge / distributed computing is seen as only a few local Edge data centre installations . The impact of these local Edge deployments needs to be viewed at a greater scale because many businesses have hundreds or thousands of them . Based on our internal projections , by 2040 , we see total energy consumption at 2,000 TWh with 60 % coming from distributed sites and 40 % from data centres . In other words , more than half the energy consumption of IT will be outside what we currently consider a ‘ data centre ’.
This is an area where Schneider Electric ’ s DCIM is helping . EcoStruxure IT and its state-of-the-art remote monitoring , management and modelling give operators system-wide visibility to proactively address issues and maintain uptime , leading to optimised efficiencies . Those efficiencies make data centre operations even more sustainable , which could be the key to your success .
At Schneider Electric , I ’ m excited to be driving our software business around these trends because it is our belief that to successfully manage your hybrid IT infrastructure , data-driven insights and
Kevin Brown , SVP , EcoStruxure Solutions , Secure Power Division , Schneider Electric
24x7 monitoring are a required part of the solution . On this front , we are working with clients to manage and simplify their evolving needs because reshaping their distributed IT infrastructure – not only for current business needs but for future needs as well – is a top priority . �
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