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Fortinet introduces compact firewall for hyperscale data centres and 5G networks

Fortinet , a global leader in broad , integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions , has announced the FortiGate 4800F series of hyperscale firewalls , which sets new standards for security , scale , performance and innovation to meet the requirements of hyperscale customers and 5G Mobile Network Operators ( MNOs ).

Powered by 16 of Fortinet ’ s seventhgeneration network processors ( NP7 ), FortiGate 4800F offers the highest performance figures of any compact firewall , with security compute ratings that deliver up to 34 times better performance than competitor solutions , including the ability to support an average of 19 times more connections per second .
“ No other firewall is better suited to support hyperscale and 5G ,” said John Maddison , EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet . “ Not only is FortiGate 4800F the
industry ’ s fastest compact hyperscale firewall , with 2.4 Tbps of capacity , but it is also the only 4RU chassis on the market that includes 400GbE , 200GbE and 50GbE ports , which allows hyperscale customers and Mobile Network Operators to seamlessly scale their business without disrupting operations .
“ The combination of performance and scalability packed into our latest firewall


will help future-proof organisations ’ investments in hyperscale data centres , especially with the rise of 5G and as the volume and velocity of data continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace .”
Large enterprises and MNOs are in the continual pursuit of doing more with less . When it comes to firewalls , higher performance in a smaller footprint means security becomes an enabler for 5G adoption , allowing mobile providers to deliver new use cases for enterprises and critical industries and infrastructure .
It also ensures enterprise customers such as high-velocity e-retail , cuttingedge research facilities , financial institutions and cloud providers have access to the performance , scalability and security they need to meet escalating business needs . Reduced costs for space , cooling and power are additional benefits to achieving higher performance in a smaller form factor . �
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