Intelligent Data Centres Issue 45 | Page 69

DIGITAL SPOTLIGHT businesses waking up to the importance of CX and Digital Transformation .
The pandemic gave digital approaches tremendous tailwind and encouraged businesses to adopt required transformations . However , multiple customer experience use cases are yet to be explored or made available for niche categories and industries and a lot of CXOs today still cater to CX costs . It is highly overestimated and there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we approach communication .
Ultimately , not being ready to adapt to new technologies or practices will prevent businesses from establishing a greater presence and creating innovative experiences for today ’ s customers .
What are the challenges and shortcomings of businesses when it comes to their e-commerce CX approach ?
In May 2020 , a survey by Qualtrics Institute revealed that 94 % of US consumers are extremely likely to buy from businesses that offer a good customer experience . Insufficient or flawed customer data / insights can prevent businesses from achieving a good CX strategy . A lot of sourced data is unstructured and businesses need to know that this is not unused Dark Data . Enterprises need clear insights into what customers want and the obstacles they face .
Businesses in the retail sector need to create a unified platform that offers a holistic mood customer experience across all touchpoints , eliminating the concept of individual customer channels . This change will translate into immediate results for these businesses and in turn , provide a significant long-term impact on the ROI .
How have consumer needs evolved in recent years ?
Purchase decisions are no longer based on product availability , efficiency and pricing – it now depends on the availability or the experience the brands offer . Being omnichannel emphasises delivering that experience , fulfilling the customer demand at all touchpoints and offering functionality across different channels .
Today ’ s consumers are happy to pay a little extra for a particular product . If the brand is offering an experience that consumers want , then this will lead to enhanced brand loyalty . There have been multiple studies proving that an omnichannel will increase customers ’ average basket spend and come back again and again .
How has market demand transformed digital communication channels since the pandemic ?
Consumer behaviour has been deeply influenced by the pandemic . There has been exponential growth in online shopping , social media interaction and activity through channels like the web , mobile and voice . The decision-making process has been augmented by the research that consumers have been doing and , as such , personalised marketing has been brought to the forefront .
This personalisation has caused brand communication to change . If a brand wants to target and retain customers then the conversation has to be extremely tailored . Studies have found that 74 % of consumers prefer advanced interactions when looking for answers to simple questions , which means if I ’ m engaging with a brand , I need to get my answers quickly and efficiently . A study by Gartner also found that consumers react negatively to irrelevant messaging , which has led brands to adjust by placing a greater emphasis on omnichannel personalisation .
What is an omnichannel experience and where is its ROI ?
A consumer may want to interact with a brand at different times over different channels . Brands must be present on as many channels as possible and engage with consumers at every stage of the journey , which , in turn , creates an omnichannel experience .
Brands and retailers need to be omnichannel or they ’ re going to start losing consumers to competitors who can engage with them more effectively . Brands that have a strong omnichannel presence are going to have a competitive advantage as they are connecting with consumers .
What would you advise enterprises , specifically in the EMEA region , wanting to improve the customer experience strategy ?
We must put customers at the heart of our strategy . Implementing a highly successful CX strategy is complicated and it requires certain nuances to ensure effective and sustainable results .
Automation via conversational AI has become one of the key aspects of crafting a strong customer experience strategy . Having good customer-centricity is also essential as the success of automation depends on it .
Customer-centricity plays a pivotal role for brands to understand and decode the customer ’ s voice . The age-old phrase of ‘ stepping into the customer ’ s shoes ’ has never been more important . You have got to listen to the customer more effectively and efficiently . This is how conversational AI can help ; it enables brands to get closer to the customer in a more personalised manner . �
Neil Barman , Chief Growth Officer for Yellow . ai www . intelligentdatacentres . com