Intelligent Data Centres Issue 47 | Page 36

Mark Ackerman , Area VP , Middle East & Africa , ServiceNow
a business previously just had to worry about efficiency , now it has to contend with pleasing the digital-native customer and attracting the digital-native employee . In this pursuit , applications rule the roost – delivering data-centric services that become the fuel of shrewd decisions . Here are four things regional decisionmakers should bear in mind as they digitally transform their organisations .
1 . Build customer-centric services
Knowing your customer has always been essential , so why should we do anything different when designing our digital business ? No matter what it sells – Software-as-a-Service , clothing , cars , food – the modern enterprise must deliver a unified experience that thrills customers . That does not only mean catering to their immediate whims ( always having the right items in stock , personalising customer service to build rapport , being flexible on delivery and providing multi-channel engagement options ). It must also include predicting what they might want and when they might want it .
Business intelligence of this standard requires not only deep and broad
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