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Cologix adds fourth Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute onramp in Canada

Cologix , one of North America ’ s leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale Edge data centre companies , has announced the addition of a fourth Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute onramp in Canada and additional capacity at an existing ExpressRoute onramp at its TOR1 digital Edge data centre with speeds up to 100 Gbps .

“ We are happy to expand our collaboration with Microsoft in major markets across Canada ,” said Chris Heinrich , Chief Revenue Officer , Cologix . “ This continued growth gives our customers greater access to the private connections , optimised speed and reliability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute – one of the largest cloud service providers in the world .”
The latest expansion adds an Azure ExpressRoute onramp at Cologix ’ s MTL7 digital Edge data centre , located in Montréal . This facility is connected to Montréal ’ s primary carrier hotel in Cologix ’ s MTL3 digital Edge data centre via high-count dark fibre and to 10 additional Cologix Montréal data centres across the metro area . Additionally , capacity has been increased at the current Azure ExpressRoute onramp at Cologix ’ s TOR1 digital Edge data centre at 151 Front Street in Toronto – one of Canada ’ s largest carrier hotels .
Cologix now has ExpressRoute onramps , which support private connections to Azure , Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 , at four data centres located in Montréal , Vancouver and Toronto . In addition to the new and expanded onramps in Montréal and Toronto , Cologix has existing ExpressRoute onramps at a second Montréal site , its MTL3 digital Edge data centre and at its VAN1 digital Edge data centre located in Vancouver ’ s primary carrier hotel .
Sudha Mahajan , Partner , Product Management at Microsoft , said : “ In today ’ s world of multi-cloud strategies , we understand the importance of empowering businesses with rapid data access and portability . We ’ re glad to be continuing that momentum with quality interconnectivity providers like Cologix .”
Customers can access Azure ExpressRoute through Cologix Access Marketplace for fast , secure , on-demand and softwareenabled interconnection . The easy-to-use interconnection product enables customers to automatically connect with cloud , carrier and other providers in the company ’ s vast ecosystem . Cologix Access Marketplace is growing rapidly to showcase the company ' s portfolio of interconnection partners , including more than 700 networks , 350 cloud providers and 30 North American onramps that make up Cologix ’ s robust ecosystem .
Azure ExpressRoute provides key benefits to enterprises looking to build hybrid cloud environments , including :
• Private connections that bypass the public Internet
• Lower latency by traversing the shortest path to Azure
• Predictability and optimised speed when leveraging Azure ExpressRoute
• Scalable , densely connected and customisable colocation opportunities � www . intelligentdatacentres . com