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Speeding up troubleshooting , refreshes and installations with Brady

NEWS nlabelled cables , ports , servers , routers and racks can make even the most professional system

U administrators lose heart . Many labels commonly used in data centres become detached and fall to the ground , deteriorated by server-generated heat . Brady ’ s range of reliable identification and RFID solutions are dedicated to solving data centre labelling issues . and seamlessly print from Brady Workstation label design apps or built-in design wizards , complete with data centre symbols . For higher volume cable labelling , its systems can even print and apply labels automatically to a wide variety of cables .

Brady labels are designed to keep data centre cables and components identified and to remove all guesswork or manual cable tracing . Its labels will not unwrap nor detach and they can be printed quickly with highly responsive ‘ drop-lock-print ’ portable label printers . They can be embedded with RFID technology for increased security and identification flexibility .
Brady Workstation enables you to easily design any label to identify components , cables and facilities using 20 + professional label design apps and tools . Simply connect a Brady printer to an Internet-enabled computer to access and print your Brady Workstation label templates and functionalities . Source existing data to complete your label and hit ‘ print ’.
Brady mobile as well as desktop printers recognise all of Brady ’ s materials , will auto-calibrate to speed up the labelling process

Equinix to build new data centre in Barcelona

s Barcelona becomes an increasingly strategic hub for the terrestrial and subsea cable networks connecting

A our digital lives , Equinix , a digital infrastructure company , is building its second data centre in the metro .

The new site will serve as a strategic connection point for data communications between Europe , Africa and the Middle East , with Barcelona quickly becoming a vital subsea hub . Major cables include : 2Africa , connecting key coastal metros around the entire African continent and Arabian Peninsula ; Aqua Comms ’ Europe Middle East India cable , due to link Barcelona with Salalah and Mumbai ; Medloop by Sipartech , connecting Barcelona to Ajaccio , Genoa and Marseille ; and the Medusa cable , due to link Barcelona with Lisbon and a number of important Mediterranean , European and African metros .
This substantial digital connectivity will be further bolstered by Equinix ’ s global platform of more than 245 data centres , which includes key Mediterranean metros such as Bordeaux , Genoa , Lisbon and Milan .
Equinix ’ s new facility , to be known as the BA2 International Business Exchange ( IBX ) data centre , will be located adjacent to the company ’ s existing BA1 site , forming a campus and dense digital ecosystem . It will add much-needed digital capacity to the city to enable local businesses to expand and grow , as well as encourage international businesses to land or expand on Platform Equinix in Barcelona – already an essential and strategically located hub for international communications . �
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