Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 57

NTT deploys LIC and DCLC technologies in India to lead green tech development

NTT , a leading global IT infrastructure and services company and one of the world ’ s top three data centre service providers , is committed to making the data centre space green . Its latest initiative towards the cause is its breakthrough deployments of Liquid Immersion Cooling ( LIC ) and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling ( DCLC ) technologies .

The company recently marked its firstsuch deployment and APAC ’ s largest , at its Navi Mumbai data centre . The oneof-a-kind facility is part of its Mahape campus and has a capacity of 4.8MW spread over 13,740 square feet area built . The campus is planned with the capacity for up to four data centres , reaching up to 150MW of IT load . India becomes the first country across NTT ’ s global data centre platform to deploy these alternative cooling technologies .
As a project with many ‘ firsts ’, this successful deployment was the result of the collaborative efforts of the client , PhonePe , and partners including Sudlows and Dell . The teams innovated multiple solutions that helped them overcome numerous design and engineering challenges , transforming a conventionally cooled data centre to one cooled by LIC and DCLC technologies . This shift has improved the overall energy efficiency of the facility by almost 30 %.
Sharad Sanghi , Managing Director of NTT in India and Acting Senior Executive Vice President of Data Centre and Marine Cable , said : “ At NTT , we are guided by the principle of universal wellness , a peoplefirst approach for our own personnel , the communities we operate in and the overall global environment . The deployment of green data centre technologies as demonstrated by this facility is going to
be a tremendous validation for alternative cooling technologies .
“ As India ’ s largest data centre operator , we recognise the impact that DCLC and LIC cooling can have in significantly reducing the power consumption in future data centres . By successfully integrating these advanced processes , we have taken another step in building a connected future in a sustainable and responsible manner on a global scale .”
NTT has already made long-term commitments to achieve zero emissions and is heavily invested in renewable energy such as solar and wind power generation across India . It is now focusing on leveraging innovative alternative cooling technologies . The deployment of the green data centre technology at this new facility marks the start of such deployments globally . �
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