Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 7

Castrol and RISE to develop next-generation immersion cooling fluids for data centres

NEWS astrol has joined the partner programme of the Research Institutes of Sweden ( RISE ) to help accelerate the

C research and development of next-generation immersion cooling fluids for use in data centres .

Castrol will also look to develop mid- to long-term solutions with support from RISE to address the challenges associated with the development of next-generation computing and materials .
Castrol products already offer advanced thermal management performance , very low viscosity , high fluid stability for enhanced safety and strong electrical component compatibility . Castrol ON Fluids are used in IT hardware cooling , power electronics and high-performance batteries .
RISE is an independent , Swedish state-owned research institute focused on future technologies , products and services and one of the global leaders in holistic data centre research . By joining RISE ’ s partnership programme , Castrol aims to combine its fluid , material science and thermal management expertise with RISE ’ s state-of-the-art testbed and research capabilities to help facilitate the further development of the Castrol ON range of single-phase Immersion Cooling Fluids while accelerating the adoption of immersion cooling with the other project partners .
Immersion cooling involves submerging server and IT equipment in a non-conductive dielectric liquid . Compared to conventional cooling methods , immersion cooling can help reduce the consumption of energy and water needed to cool servers and enables the reuse of some waste heat .

ManageEngine launches new data centres in Canada

anageEngine , the enterprise IT management division of


Zoho Corporation , is opening two new data centres in Toronto and Montreal , Canada .
The new centres allow regional customers to benefit from greater data sovereignty , data residency and enhanced security , as well as greater ease-of-use and functionality . This includes encouraging existing onpremises customers who are looking to make the switch to the cloud .
“ We recognise that Canada is a growing technology market , one that is very important for ManageEngine and has already demonstrated remarkable growth year over year ,” said Rajesh Ganesan , President , ManageEngine . “ The investments in local data centres are a testament to our commitment to this region and will help our customers comply with local regulations in terms of data sovereignty , privacy and security .
“ The new data centres and their operations carry all the required certifications , which assures our customers that their data is securely stored only within Canadian boundaries .”
Prior to this expansion , ManageEngine had 12 data centres worldwide , with Canadian customers having their data serviced by US-based data centres in Central Washington and Dallas .
Looking ahead , this year ManageEngine plans to further boost its Canadian presence and continue to service the dynamic and evolving needs of an acknowledged critical and evolving technology market . www . intelligentdatacentres . com