Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 71


Schneider Electric expert on how software is enabling the world

While many are concerned about how hardware has been increasingly marginalised by software throughout the IT industry , there are benefits for today ’ s world in visibility and real-time analytics for resilience , while opening up new possibilities of value and benefits . Natalya Makarochkina – Senior Vice
President , Secure Power Division , International
Operations , Schneider Electric , discusses this in more detail . t has been argued that software is consuming the

I world , however , in recent times this could be modified to software ‘ enabling ’ the world .

As enterprise architectures move increasingly towards software-controlled models , these controls are allowing new levels of resilience and agility to respond to and cope with the evolving geopolitical situation , climate-influenced disruption and everchanging market trends , all the while ensuring security and sustainability .
Unparalleled global disruption
The recent upheavals being seen around the world have shown that supply chains are vulnerable and subject to influences that are hard to predict . Beyond the geopolitical situation , black swan events such as the Suez Canal blockage are being compounded by climate-related disruption , from the Californian wildfires , European floods and Australian droughts to the recent heatwaves and record temperatures on several continents .
At short notice , organisations often have to adapt to new realities , whether through sanctions , fluctuating energy prices , or access disruption . Shortages and delays in supply have notably hit construction , the automotive industry and even food supplies .
Model , plan , pivot
In order to cope with these scenarios , enterprises need to be resilient and agile , with greater oversight and insight to be able to model , plan and pivot .
This means having software systems that link every aspect of the operation , www . intelligentdatacentres . com