Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 9

iColo announces opening of MPM1 data centre in Maputo


Colo , a Digital Realty company and Kenya ’ s first carrier-neutral i data centre provider , has announced the opening of its first data centre in Maputo , Mozambique – MPM1 . The establishment of this new data centre on Africa ’ s south-east coast expands the company ’ s footprint and complements its strategy to provide world-class colocation facilities that support the growing connectivity needs along the eastern

coast of Africa , driven by the growth of subsea cables .
After successfully developing and operating the Mombasa and Nairobi campuses in Kenya , iColo is expanding into the Pearl of the Indian Ocean . The 9,500 square-metre campus is located in the heart of Maputo on Avenida Lenine . MPM1 provides approximately 350 square-metres of net rentable space , enough capacity to host approximately 80 racks in the first phase of development and is designed to accommodate further upgrades based on customer demand .
“ We are committed to enhancing Internet connectivity in Mozambique by establishing this new facility , especially with the advent of new high-capacity cable systems landing along the coast of Mozambique ,” said Ranjith Cherickel , CEO at iColo .
iColo ’ s Maputo facility – designed as a digital hub – will be the local landing point for critical equipment for the 2Africa cable system . The enhanced connectivity is expected to improve cloud and content accessibility , increase digitisation and improve the online experience for local businesses and consumers , while helping to build a broad and more inclusive digital society across the world through Digital Realty ’ s global data centre platform , PlatformDIGITAL .

Greenergy Data Centers brings sustainable data centre services to the baltics with Juniper Networks

uniper Networks , a leader in secure , AI-driven networks , has announced that Greenergy Data Centers ( GDC ), the

J largest and most energy-efficient data centre company in the Baltics , has deployed Juniper ’ s cloud-ready data centre and AI-driven enterprise solutions to support its business and data centre operations .

GDC is the first and only large-scale data centre in the Baltics , offering enterprises , government agencies and managed service providers a place to safely store their mission-critical data while minimising their environmental footprint . The GDC data centre is a 14,500-square-metre , 31.5-MW facility . Multiple levels of physical security keep the premises secure . Redundant power and digital infrastructure systems support highly reliable operations .
Renewable energy sources and the Nordic climate lower cooling-related power consumption in the data centre . Residual heat generated by equipment is used to warm GDC ’ s offices and it also has the technical capacity to share excess heat with a district heating plant , which can then be used by local homes and offices . GDC was determined to support its data centre operations with a network that aligns with its sustainability values and chose Juniper to enable its control , infrastructure and office network . Juniper is committed to sustainable business , with a focus on innovative networking solutions that help customers reduce environmental impact while attaining their Digital Transformation goals .
The Juniper network supports the company ’ s integrated building and power management system , with thousands of telemetry sensors that facilitate the delivery of safe , reliable power . Hundreds of motion-activated thermal cameras connect to the network in support of GDC ’ s efforts to provide the highest levels of physical security .
“ With the ongoing proliferation of Digital Transformation across all private and public sectors of industry , the need for more intelligent , secure networks continues to increase ,” said Michael Bushong , Group Vice President , Cloud-Ready Data Center , Juniper Networks . “ At the same time , climate imperatives and the rising cost of energy make sustainable solutions very compelling . With Juniper solutions , GDC ’ s data centre network infrastructure is built and operated responsibly to minimise power and space consumption .” www . intelligentdatacentres . com