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NetApp report highlights shifting demands of a multi-cloud environment

Key findings of NetApp ’ s global 2023 Cloud Complexity Report indicate that 98 % of technology leaders have been impacted by the increasing complexity of the cloud , bringing issues of cybersecurity and cost optimisation to the forefront .
etApp , a global , cloudled , data-centric software

N company , has released the

2023 Cloud Complexity Report , a global survey exploring how technology decision-makers are navigating cloud requirements coming from Digital Transformation and AI initiatives and the complexity of multicloud environments . The report found that 98 % of senior IT leaders have been impacted by increasing cloud complexity in some capacity , potentially leading to poor IT performance , loss in revenue and barriers to business growth .
“ Our global survey data demonstrates the extreme complexity of modern IT environments and the pressure technology executives are under to show measurable outcomes from cloud investments ,” said Gabie Boko , Chief Marketing Officer , NetApp .
Key findings from the report include :
Cloud complexity reaches a tipping point
• Cybersecurity : France , Spain and Australia / New Zealand
• Leadership skepticism : France , Spain , Japan
• Inefficient use across the organisation : Australia / New Zealand
• Lack of visibility : Japan
Leadership want cloud results now
Sustainability has become an unexpected cloud-driver , with nearly eight-in-10 tech executives citing ESG outcomes as critical to their cloud strategy . However , Return-on- Investment ( RoI ) is a concern among leadership , with 84 % of tech executives saying their cloud strategy is already expected to show results across the organisation .
Global context
• Nearly half of tech executives ( 49 %) report that when cloud strategy discussions happen , cost concerns come up often or all the time .
• Data regulation and compliance is another cloud driver , with various local regulations promoting their multi-cloud strategy most or some of the time .
Tech executives consider AI as a possible solution
In the next year , over a third ( 37 %) of tech executives report that half or more of their cloud deployments will be supported by AI-driven applications . Nearly half of tech executives at smaller companies – those with fewer than 250 employees – expect to reach the 50 % mark in the next year and 63 % by 2030 , while larger companies lag .
Data complexity has reached a boiling point for companies globally and tech executives are feeling the pressure to contain its impact on the business . However , technical and organisational challenges may stunt their cloud strategies , with 88 % citing working across cloud environments as a barrier , while 32 % struggle just to align on a clear vision at the leadership level .
Global context
The following regions list this as their top concern if data complexity is not managed :
Global context
• The US leads EMEA and APAC on plans to deploy AI-driven cloud applications in the next year , with France and Japan as outliers in their regions .
• Scaling AI is the top priority in EMEA and APAC , but is second in the US , behind meeting regulatory compliance . � www . intelligentdatacentres . com