Intelligent Data Centres Issue 51 | Page 36

according to which we have aligned our data centres from the very beginning . With its state-of-the-art architecture and cutting-edge technology , we want to support our customers by minimising the environmental footprint of their IT hardware , while maximising their energy savings and costs ,” said Albrecht Kraas , CTO at maincubes . “ This is achieved through efficient planning and flexibility in terms of IT space configurations , enabling customers to deploy new , more energy-efficient technologies to achieve their climate goals . We are proud to be able to make an active contribution to the greater sustainability in Berlin with
BER01 and are delighted that ITZBund has chosen maincubes .”
With its new investor structure and DTCP as a strategic partner and shareholder alongside Art-Invest Real Estate , maincubes plans to invest more than € 1 billion in new data centres over the next few years . In addition to building more data centres in Berlin , maincubes also plans to build more sites across Germany and Europe .
“ Berlin has become an important digital location , primarily due to international cloud service providers and the growing tech startup scene ,” said Oliver Menzel ,
CEO of maincubes . “ We are seeing an increased demand from the government sector for data centre space and this will continue to grow . We therefore plan to build more data centres in Berlin after BER01 . New builds will be in line with maincubes and its customers ’ ESG goals and aligned with the required digital sovereignty maintained in their own country . We believe in the use of climate-friendly technologies setting a course for a greener data centre market in close cooperation with customers , partners and policymakers . With that , we are pleased to be actively involved here and to set an example .” �
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