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On the cover this month is Paul Salvini , CTO of DNEG . In an innovative leap forward for the visual effects industry , DNEG adopted Red Hat OpenShift to speed up software innovation and improve artist productivity . The visual effects ( VFX ) and animation studio has received seven Academy Award wins for ‘ Best VFX ’ in recent years , including Inception , Interstellar and Dune : Part One . Red Hat ’ s solutions have provided an abstraction and orchestration layer between artists and the database , as a result of six globally distributed data centres .
“ To best leverage Red Hat OpenShift , we decided to focus on some key parts of our existing desktop-based asset tracking system , reimagining them in a cloud-native architecture ,” Salivini said . “ While we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve , we had little practical experience of working with cloud-native architectures and platforms . The biggest challenge for us was to architect a system that would be efficient and reliable at scale : managing metadata for over 100 million digital assets , while in constant use by all of DNEG ’ s artists around the world .” To read more , turn to p50 .
On pages 31 – 34 , this month ’ s Editor ’ s Question dives into the most effective strategies for uninterrupted missioncritical operations in increasingly unprecedented times . We hear from Shane Kilfoil , President Mission Critical , Subzero Engineering ; Alexandre Silvestre , Data Centre Fabric Business Development Manager , Nokia ; and Matthew Farnell , Global Director , EkkoSense , who provide insight on preventative measures for ensuring uptime .
One of this month ’ s features spotlights monitoring and infrastructure management for operational resilience . Diego Chisena , Software and Monitoring Hardware Offering Manager at Vertiv , positions AI as a complementary component of automation but the human-AI collaboration is equally as important . “ Monitoring and management systems should empower operators and decision-makers with actionable insights derived from AI analysis .” To find out more , head to p46 .
We also hear from industry experts at Corning Incorporated and Sphera Solutions who explore how optical fibre can reduce carbon footprint by demonstrating superior capabilities to alternatives , and emphasise the paramount considerations the IT industry has to move the world forward by making sustainable choices , quantified by industry-recognised and transparent studies . Read more on p64 – 66 .
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