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elcome to the April issue of Intelligent Data


Centres magazine . We continue to delve into the dynamic world of data centres and explore the trends shaping the industry . In this edition , we spotlight the UK ’ s secondlargest police force – West Midlands Police – and Node4 ’ s collaboration to resolve data storage and analysis challenges , uncovering the critical role of data centres in modern law enforcement operations . We speak with West Midlands Police ’ s Digital Forensics / Incident Response Supervisor , Detective Sergeant John Price KPM , who shares more insight into the UK ’ s first cloud-based digital forensics analysis solution . To read more , turn to p49 .
As data centres continue to evolve , Steve Lim , Senior Vice President , Marketing and Product at NTT Global Data Centers , shares insights on how infrastructure is being tailored for the era of AI , sustainability and beyond . Lim ' s expertise illuminates the innovative approaches driving efficiency and performance in today ' s data-driven landscape .
On page 42 , we explore the pivotal issue of cooling efficiency in data centres with Kelley Mullick PhD , Vice President of Technology Advancement and Alliances at Iceotope . Mullick ' s exploration into unlocking cooling efficiency offers valuable strategies for enhancing sustainability and reducing environmental impact .
In this month ’ s Editor ' s Question , on pages 31 – 34 , we tackle the pressing question of why sustainability has become integral
to the role of today ' s CIOs . Drawing on insights from industry leaders from Leaseweb , Critical Power Supplies and LCL Data Centers , we examine the transformative potential of sustainable practices in data centre management .
Additionally , the challenges of data centre decommissioning is addressed by Chris Greene , VP and Global Head of Sales and Operations , Asset Lifecycle Management Business at Iron Mountain . Greene ' s perspective sheds light on the complexities and best practices involved in responsibly retiring data centre assets – a crucial aspect of maintaining security and compliance in an ever-changing digital landscape . To find out more , turn to p70 .
Don ’ t forget you can read daily news updates on our website . I ’ d like to wish you a good month ahead and please enjoy the read !
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