Intelligent Data Centres Issue 45 | Page 22

At times , fixing the situation seems comparable with boiling the ocean .
I am not saying that the two suggestions above are factual , nor am I saying that they are the reasons as to why we have failed to make progress in this space , I am merely showing you the darker side of what it looks like . We can all don the corporate tone of the bottom line , dividends , EBITDA , whatever metric you want to include but the reality is that diverse talent contributes to every single one of those metrics in abundance , not to mention it will help provide a level of futureproofing not just for individual organisations but for the industry as a whole .
Now my final thought as to why we haven ’ t made the change is far less cynical and more akin to the fact that it ’ s actually very difficult to know what to do when the problem is so widespread and multi-layered . At times , fixing the situation seems comparable with boiling the ocean . Much like disillusioned voters wondering what difference their vote will make , it is easy to see how industry players could feel the same . Having one scheme in one company doesn ’ t address our issue and while plausible for some to have schemes with teams and coordinators , this is not the case for all .
To ensure this article is not all doom and gloom and presenting more problems than solutions , it is vital that we introduce The Rising Stars Programme .
The DCA is proud to be the supporting force of The Rising Star Programme , built by HireHigher and dedicated to addressing the problems faced by the industry with regards to attraction , acquisition and retention of talent . The initiatives put together under the programme all support the feedback gathered first-hand from not only data centre professionals , but millennials and Gen-Z both from within and outside of the industry . From initiatives to recognition , mentoring to brand campaigns , change
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