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UNCOVERING THE LAYERS build highly scalable and interconnected cloud infrastructure .
What are the main advantages of adopting a hybrid infrastructure model and how can Equinix support the process ?
The main advantage of adopting a hybrid infrastructure model is that it helps businesses build an open and scalable platform , allowing them to connect to more innovative idea Sand applications from various cloud vendors . There is no ‘ one-cloud-fits-all ’ model , so if a company is building an enterprise strategy it will need to consume services from various enterprise vendors . It could be that one vendor is strong in databases and other vendors are strong in applications and another in virtualisation . Companies will need to build a platform enabling them to adopt and use innovative applications and digital services from various standards . This is the main benefit , allowing businesses to work with and build on innovative ideas on an infrastructure which is highly scalable and secure .
This enables it to build a secure , global and highly scalable digital infrastructure , linking it to cloud services and allowing it to interconnect with cloud vendors to use quality cloud and digital services .
How would you describe a typical hybrid infrastructure and what are its benefits ?
Hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure is becoming the standard for implementing digital services and we have noticed an influx of cloud and digital services vendors in the market . If I was an enterprise , I would want to build an infrastructure that will enable me to connect to more services from various cloud vendors .
The evolution of a hybrid multi-cloud platform is the digital infrastructure choice for enterprises today . This has enabled enterprises to connect to more services from various cloud vendors and not be interlocked with one singular provider and explains why the hybrid cloud is becoming the common choice of infrastructure services in the market .
What can businesses do to ensure a more successful infrastructure strategy ?
To ensure you have a good multi-cloud infrastructure services strategy you must ensure you are building on an open platform . This type of platform will enable you to interconnect with various cloud vendors and use various digital services . This is where Equinix comes in . We help companies to build a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy by enabling them to build their infrastructure on the edge of the cloud and interconnect them with their various cloud vendors through our Equinix hybrid platform . This is a multicloud platform allowing companies to
Equinix can add value as we are the digital infrastructure of this digital economy . We help companies with our global platform to build an enterprise architecture , allowing them to connect to digital services by various vendors from one platform . For example , Equinix Fabric is an advanced softwaredefined interconnection solution , letting businesses build their own digital infrastructure as well as connect to hundreds of digital services seamlessly .
How are organisations achieving greater agility and resilience through partnering with companies like Equinix ?
We help our customers build highly scalable and highly secure digital infrastructures . With Equinix , companies are working with a reliable and trusted partner to guide them through their Digital Transformation journey . We help our customers interconnect within our ecosystem . This interconnected infrastructure strategy allows enterprises to connect with their customers , suppliers and business partners all from a single platform . �
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