Intelligent Data Centres Issue 45 | Page 63

UNCOVERING THE LAYERS sure that your infrastructure can scale alongside these changes .
The third most important area is including security as part of your digital infrastructure . With the business and the economy becoming more digital , your company will naturally be more vulnerable to attacks . You must ensure you are building a secure , scalable and reliable infrastructure that will enable you to grow and optimise your business without these threats being an issue .
What has prompted organisations to move more services to the cloud and how is this trend observed in the Middle East ?
The cloud has changed the way we do business . It ’ s not about whether we will use the cloud or not , but more a question
Kamel Al-Tawil , Managing Director , MENA , Equinix
of when and how . The cloud made sure that digital services are available at the fingertips of all organisations on a global level , allowing organisations in the Middle East to utilise the same platform used by enterprises globally . The cloud changed the way people and companies connect to more innovative ideas and introduced new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things .
Companies in the Middle East are adopting cloud-based technology as they seek to work with and consume innovative technologies . Our role at Equinix is to help those companies harness the power of the cloud and take advantage of innovations coming from cloud vendors without being interlocked with one provider .
We ’ ve seen many examples in the Middle East ; a customer of ours , AFS Arab Financial Services , is one of the main innovators in the financial services industry . It adopted a cloud-based platform in partnership with Equinix where it moved its old infrastructure into a new digital platform . www . intelligentdatacentres . com